Implant Direct™ Dentistry ScrewIndirect 5.7mmD X 8mmL SBM: 5.0mmD Platform Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack


Implant Direct ScrewIndirect® Implant System

  • Implant Design

    • 1-piece, tissue-level implant for economy and strength in multi-unit, screw-retained restoration cases

    • Multi-unit head with retentive groove & beveled shoulder (5.0mm platform diameter)

    • Common platform across all implant sizes for restorative simplicity

    • 2.5mm machined transgingival neck

    • Evenly tapered implant body with double-lead “V” threads

    • Quadruple-lead mini-threads at the coronal aspect for reduced crestal bone stress

    • Two cutting grooves, extending halfway up implant for self-tapping insertion

    • Surgically compatible with Zimmer Dental Tapered Screw-Vent® System (except Implant Direct’s 5.4/4.8mmD Step Drill is required for use as dense bone final drill)

    • SBM™ surface is a medium-rough surface with over 20 years of clinical success

  • Packaging

    • Includes: plastic snap-on comfort cap, 2mm extender, extender plastic carrier/transfer, implant and carrier/transfer

    • Plastic carrier also functions as a snap-on, closed-tray transfer

    • 2mm extender to raise prosthetic platform as needed based upon soft tissue height

    • Implant carrier/transfer and extender carrier/transfer provided in two different colors to facilitate communication with the lab

Note: a 2.5mmD hex driver is required for implant placement

More Information
System ScrewIndirect
Connection Multi-Unit
Length 8mmL
Surface SBM
Thread Type V-Thread
Addtl Driver Required N/A
Implant Diameter Silver / 5.7mmD
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