Implant Direct™ Dentistry InterActive SimplyCrown & Bridge Abutment (4.7mmD Width x 3.0mmD Platform x 3mmL Collar Height) - 1 / Per Box

One of our simplyIntegrated solutions, the simplycrown & bridge SMART PACK includes the components you need for the restorative phase of treatment: • Straight titanium abutment • Abutment analog • Plastic transfer • Castable coping • Comfort cap • Fixation screw Pair with one of our simplyIntegrated implants to realize the full benefits of this revolutionary system. (include simplyIntegrated logo with icons)
More Information
System InterActive / Swish Active
Product Type SimplyCrown & Bridge
Length 8.5mmL
Included Items

Tri-Grip Short Fixation Screw (1000-34), Abutment Transfer (3047-02), Straight Abutment Comfort Cap (3047-26), Abutment Analog (3047-27) (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY), Straight Abutment Plastic Castable Coping (3047-28)

Platform Diameter Purple / 3.0mmD
Collar Height 3mmL
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