InterActive SimplyFixed 30° Angled Smart Pack (3.4mmD Platformx3.5mmL Collar Height) - 1/Box

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Simplyfixed SMART PACK multi-unit abutment for InterActive. Includes multi-unit abutment, abutment analog, transfer, titanium temporary abutment, comfort cap, and fixation screw.

One of our simplyIntegrated solutions, the simplyfixed SMART PACK includes the components you need for the restorative phase of treatment: • Multi-Unit Abutment • Abutment analog • Transfer • Titanium temporary abutment • Fixation screw(s) • Comfort cap Pair with one of our simplyIntegrated implants to realize the full benefits of this revolutionary system. (include simplyIntegrated logo with icons)
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Product TypeMulti-Unit Abutment
SystemSimply Iconic, InterActive
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