Legacy CAD/CAM Ti Base Narrow NE (4.5mmD Platformx0mmL Collar Height) - 1/Box

CAD 102.00

SMARTbase is a dual-hue, CAD/CAM titanium base with a unique off-axis design to promote beautiful and strong restorations without compromise. A range of compatible interfaces, dimensions, engaging and non-engaging designs are available to restore both single-unit and multi-unit cases.


  • Dual hue anodization – no more fear of grey titanium showing through highly translucent materials or thin gingival biotypes
  • Concave profile – to further enhance pink aesthetics and support subcrestal implant placement (use with matched healing components for consistent soft tissue management)
  • Up to 25° off-axis channel in any direction – to position access hole in the optimal location, easing both restorative and surgical constraints without sacrificing aesthetics


  • Optional extraoral pre-assembly protocol – minimizes angulated channel to better maintain the integrity of the restoration (not to mention, allows removal of any excess cement prior to attachment)
  • Unique notch design – enables off-axis channel while maintaining post height for restoration support
  • Grooves & flats – to enhance cement retention. No sandblasting required!


Traditional and digital workflows supported. Visit our download page for major CAD softwares here.

More Information
Collar Height0.25mmL
Product TypeSMARTbase
Abutment Height6mmL
Prosthetic Length6.25mmL
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