simplyRePlant 3.5mmDx10mmL SBM: 3.5mmD Platform Dental Implant System - 1/Pack

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simplyRePlant dental implants are two-piece implants for single-stage or two-stage surgical procedures. The mount-free packaging features a RePlant implant, cover screw, and 3mm healing collar.

simplyRePlant® dental implants are two-piece, tri-lobe connection implants for single-stage or two-stage surgical procedures.


RePlant offers a range of four implant diameters from 3.5-6.0mm with matching platforms.

simplyRePlant Packaging:


All-in-1 Packaging supports both one and two stage surgery.  Package includes:

  • Cover screw
  • 3mm healing collar


Implant System:

  • In a clinical study, RePlant implants demonstrated 98% success in sinus elevation cases1


Implant Features:

  • Tri-lobe connection
  • Color-coded prosthetic interface for clear visual indication of interface size
  • Straight / tapered implant body design
  • Two cutting grooves - no bone taps required
  • Quadruple-lead micro-threads on coronal aspect designed to increase bone-implant contact and long-term stability in crestal bone area
  • Double-lead V threads
  • SBM surface
  • Made in the USA from medical-grade titanium alloy


1: Oh, E. & Kraut R. Effect of sinus membrane perforation on dental implant integration: A retrospective on 128 patients. Implant Dentistry, 20(1): 6, Table 3.

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Implant DiameterPurple / 3.5mmD
Platform DiameterPurple / 3.5mmD
Thread TypeV thread
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