5.1mmD DLC Straight Drill - Long

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  • DLC Drills have a higher contrast coating for better visibility of drill depth markings
  • The added drill color coding makes identification and organization of drills easier. The color-coding matches the surgical kit and the implant vial label
  • The new short DLC drills have longer flutes as well as 11.5mm and 13mm depth marks to enable placement of implants up to 13mm in length
  • The Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC) is a coating process that enhances the wear resistance of biomedical components while maintaining low friction and bioinertial properties
  • Within the DLC drill line, there are four different hub sizes that vary by diameter to minimize the hub width and reduce the possibility of interference
  • The DLC drill hub provides a secure fit for Implant Direct Drill Stops to attach, aligning with preset Drill Stop diameters
  • DLC drills are indicated for drilling up to 30 osteotomies per drill at a recommended maximum of 1200RPM
  • The overall length of the long DLC Drills (6-16mmL) is 36.6mm and the overall length of the short DLC Drills (6-13mmL) is 30.6mm
  • DLC drills are made of stainless-steel meeting the ASTM A564 standard
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SystemLegacy, ReActive, ScrewIndirect
Total Length36.5mmL
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