Chairside Processing Material -4mL

Special Price

Convert existing dentures easily and efficiently with Zest Dental Solutions’ Chairside Attachment Processing Material.

This 8g (4ml) syringe, one of two available sizes, is suited for pickup of denture attachment housings.

15x suitable for approximately 15 uses (2 attachment cases)

Includes: Dual syringe, 15 mixing tips and 15 angled tips.

Cost Efficient
• No primer required for reduced chairtime
• Shorter mixing tip reduces material waste and cost per case*

Simple Application
• Ideal viscosity for accurate application
• Bonds to itself for efficient void fill and touch-ups
• Dual cure capability provides convenient self or light cure flexibility

Patient Friendly
• Low curing temperature ensures patient comfort
• Odorless and tasteless to increase patient acceptance

”CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material by ZEST Anchors is a game-changer!” ZEST has developed a material that is perfect for processing attachments...It’s so easy to use,
no messy primer is required, and the material offers dual-curing flexibility (self or light), thereby making the time I spend connecting the denture caps to the overdenture highly efficient and effective.”
Michael Scherer, DMD, MS, FACP
Sonora, California USA

Use with Chairside Denture Prep and Polish Kit for greatest efficiency and precision.

*Compared to the leading brands.

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