DirectOss Anorganic Cancellous Xenograft Granules Size: 0.25mm-1mm (1.0cc) - 1 Syringe/Box

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Xenograft / DirectOss™ - DirectOss™ is a natural hydroxyapatite bone grafting material derived from Australia bovine bone (BSE free).
DirectOss' slow resorbing support for integrative new bone growth allows you to treat with confidence. This natural hydroxyapatite extracted from bovine cancellous bone boasts greater inner surface area than comparable materials on the market - giving it more space for osteoblast adhesion as well as high hydrophilicity for rapid vascularization. ANORGANIC CANCELLOUS GRANULES • 100% natural hydroxyapatite extracted from bovine cancellous bone • Derived from BSE-free herds in Australia • Mimics human bone both structurally and chemically • Sintered at a low temperature to reduce crystallinity content • Supports new bone in-growth throughout each granule due to its interconnected macro, meso and micro pore structure • Packaged in both vials and syringes for easy delivery • Gamma irradiated to SAL 10-6 for sterility
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Bone Packaging1 Syringe
Bone TypeBovine - Hydroxyapatite, Cancellous, Xenograft
Particulate Size0.25-1.0mm
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