Drill Stop 4.8mmDx13mmL Short

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The Drill Stop is a reusable (up to 30 osteotomies) hollow cylinder that attaches to the hub of Implant Direct's DLC Drills via an easy to use clip-on design. The Drill Stops are color coded to match the DLC Drills, Drill Stop Kit, and Surgical Kit. Drill stops are preset for 6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13, and 16mm implant lengths, providing precise control of drilling depth and reducing the risk of over-drilling an osteotomy. The Drill Stops are available in two formats (Short (S) - 6 to 13mm depth, and Long - 6-16mm depth), and in several diameters. Each Drill Stop supports two diameters of DLC drill, and is identified with a corresponding letter – N (Narrow: 2.3, 2.8mm), R (Regular: 3.4, 3.8mm), W (Wide: 4.4, 4.8mm), and XW (Extra Wide: 5.1, 5.4mm). Drill Stops are to be used exclusively with Implant Direct’s DLC Drills and drilling protocols.

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