InterActive™ Surgical Kit Mini


The InterActive™ Surgical Kit Mini is a reusable perforated instrument cassette system, including an outer case, cover, and inner tray, that is designed to hold dental instruments in place during transport, steam sterilization, and storage. The kit also includes a removable stainless-steel pan, which functions as a storage receptacle for used surgical instruments.

The Mini Kits are sold EMPTY and designed with adaptability in mind, allowing clinicians to tailor the needs of a specific surgery while limiting the physical footprint of the kit. The Surgical Kits include step by step callouts for soft and dense bone drilling protocols, inlaid grommets to aid in cleaning, advanced color-coding that matches implant labels, surgical drills, and drill stops, and a visual reference of Implant Direct's DLC Drill to aid in depth marking identification.

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