Kontour Matrix 15x20mm Membrane - 1/Box

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Kontour Matrix is composed of a network of highly purified porcine collagen fibers intermingled with highly purified porcine elastin fibers. The membrane is designed to protect the bone defect space in order to establish an environment favorable for bone regeneration by preventing the migration of undesired cells from the surrounding soft tissue and allowing the ingrowth of osteogenic cells.

Kontour Matrix is hydrophilic and retains its structural integrity also in the wet state, there is no preferred orientation of Kontour Matrix during application. Due to the high stability of Kontour Matrix, the stretch and pliability provides superior handling that does not tear during augmentation or ridge preservation procedures.

The Dental Barrier Membrane is offered in three sizes (15x20mm, 25x30mm, and 30x40mm).

More Information
Membrane MaterialPorcine
Membrane Quantity1 Membrane
Resorbable or NonResorbable-Resorbable
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