simplyLegacy3™ 4.2mmDx11.5mmL SBM: 3.5mmD Platform Dental Implant System - 1/Pack

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One of our simplyIntegrated solutions, simplyLegacy3 is a mount-free implant that includes the components you need for the surgical phase of treatment:

• Implant

• Cover screw

• 3mm healing collar

Pair with the treatment-specific prosthetic SMART PACKS that fits your case to realize the full benefits of this revolutionary system.

Implant Direct simplyLegacy3™ Implant System

Features & Benefits

• Internal connection with 1.5mm long hex & internal lead-in bevel

• Double-lead buttress threads for improved insertion & initial stability, quadruple-lead threads near top for increased thread engagement & reduced stress

• 2mm extender retained by cover screw for use as a healing collar or for one or two-stage surgery

• Color-coded carrier usable as a closed-tray transfer and/or final full-contour abutment

• Two self-tapping grooves, extending halfway up implant

• Surgical flexibility with multiple insertion options: choose between implant level insertion with hex driver or fixture- mount insertion with either 2.5mm hex driver or ratchet

• Connection: Color-coded internal hex with lead-in bevel

• Surface: SBM (Soluble Blast Media)

• Surgical Instruments: Spectra-System surgical kit

• Implant Lengths: 6 / 8 / 10 /11.5 /13 / 16mm. Even taper with two cutting grooves halfway up implant

• Implant Threads: Micro-threads with double-lead, progressively deeper buttress threads

More Information
Implant Platform / DiameterGreen / 4.2mmD
ConnectionInternal Hex
Platform DiameterGreen / 3.5mmD
Thread TypeButtress
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